Technical Advice

Providing solutions for evaluation, learning, knowledge sharing and capacity building in international development. Westhill Knowledge works with you to unlock the lessons, expertise and know-how of programmes, organisations, networks and staff by providing technical advisory services that are innovative and inclusive.


Design and implementation of programme evaluations (formative, mid-term and summative) to improve performance and assess impact. Theory and case based approaches using mixed methods including Theory of Change Review, Rapid Outcome Assessment, Stakeholder Interviews, Focus Group Workshops, Online Surveys, Document Review, Data Analysis and Triangulation. Evaluation of programmes comprising portfolios, networks and funds as well as discrete projects and organisational units.


Diagnostic studies and strategies for learning processes within monitoring and evaluation (MEL), research and organisational change to support adaptation and use of evidence. Collaborative and reflective approaches using trusted methods including Learning Touchpoints, Peer Assist, After Action Review, Sense Making, Communities of Practice, Human Centred Design, Write Shop, and Action Learning.

Knowledge Sharing

Development and facilitation of face-to-face and online knowledge sharing workshops, conferences, retreats and discussions to enable reflection, learning, and consensus building. Participatory and creative approaches using innovate methods including World Cafe, Open Space, Mind Mapping, Fishbowl, Gift Garden, Chat Show, and Prototyping as well as Keynotes and Panel Discussions.

Capacity Building

Creation and delivery of curricula and modules to build the capacity of individuals, teams and organisations to deploy new approaches and enable transformational change. Tailored, practical and evidence based approaches utilising methods including capacity and needs assessment, mentoring, training of trainers, online platforms and peer learning.

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